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2018 Reading Challenge
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Thought-provoking novel that's a real treat

As You Wish - Chelsea Sedoti

Just one wish. We've all imagined it: getting the chance for one wish that can come true, with the possibility of it changing your whole life. What would you do with it? Suspend your belief and dive into this coming-of-age-novel, where in the whole town of Madison, Nevada, you get granted one wish on your eighteenth birthday. This wonderful book totally gripped me, and I flew through it in 2 days, totally believing that this town in the middle of the desert had a wishing cave and this premise could unfold for teens who live there. 
But the cost of choosing your wish isn't taken lightly. This book grapples with many themes of life and death, greed and loss, how happiness for yourself doesn't necessarily mean happiness for those around you. I wanted desperately to find out what Eldon, who has 25 days before his 18th birthday, is going to do with his wish, and he goes on a mission to understand others' wishes before he makes his own decision. His character is complicated by his relationships with his friends, his parents, and the sister who he desperately misses but is lying in a nursing home. It was also refreshing to read a book with the main character being a male with real emotions, showing deep thought, and strong friendships.
Chelsea Sedoti has written such a thought-provoking novel with wonderfully realistic flawed characters, and I hope it doesn't get lost in the sea of fantasy YA novels that are coming out at the same time (as much as I love what I am seeing there too).
Thank you to Sourcebooks for my early copy. This book is a real treat.