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Engrossing read!

The Wife Between Us - Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
This was one of the most engrossing psychological thrillers I've read that I can think of. It will have you compulsively reading (even when you're unsure of what's really happening), then sometimes re-reading parts of it to make sure you haven't completely lost your mind, which I think the character(s) within (no spoilers intended) often believes is happening. 
At so many points of the book I felt as trapped and anxious as the characters did and that feeling permeates off the pages. The detail that is in the writing really contributes to how the raw emotions bounce off the pages, and you really feel the grip and control seizing you; I will mention this because the psychological and physical abuse are very real triggers in this book, the whole focus.
Somehow authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pakkanen give voices to a dual story line with so much detail and nuance, and although you may find yourself going back to check on what you just read, it will just confirm those feelings that they intended. It's such an intense read, seeing the inside of a 'perfect life' getting pulled apart, and all the sordid, sad details unraveled and splayed out for us to see. It's an absolute mind-bender that you must read until the very end to fully understand.
Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press for my early reader's copy! This was a real treat!