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The Ghost Notebooks

The Ghost Notebooks - Ben Dolnick After a few bumpy starts, I raced through about 2/3 of this book in one go until a 3am finish. Obsessed with ghosts at an early age, I enjoyed this delightfully atmospheric novel which was told often with some humor and a good dose of self-reflection, by the narrator and protagonist, Nick.
He and his fiancée Hannah move away from the big city and into this historic museum, the Wright House, in tiny Hibernia, to be its caretakers, which immediately gives you flashes of 'The Shining'. We don't get to know too much about Hannah right away, and the story centers around Nick's experience as he is the one who is really 'brought along for this strange ride'.
Because I was reading a digital copy, I didn't get to experience what the special notations of the original owner of the house, Edmund Wright, Mary have looked like, as with the ones kept in a journal by Hannah. I expect those to look different in the finished copy. This will likely add to the atmosphere of the novel. Also, whoever picks up this book should be fooled by that sweet cover, for there are spirits working within that aren't so innocent.
I found this book to be filled with quite a bit of mystery, some humor, self-reflection, a look at grief and loss, the supernatural, and the author, Ben Dolnick, uses fascinating language throughout.
I'll be interested to see a finished copy with the 'Ghost Notebook' writings included.