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The Girls

The Girls - Emma Cline I had wanted to read this for a while, and that may well be why I was left feeling somewhat disappointed by the read. I looked forward to the book ending on more than one occasion. I didn't enjoy the way the author had written the past vs. present parts, and they were not fluid for the reader at all.
As for this being 'loosely based on the Manson murders', I hated that part. I have been quite fascinated by that, as well as with the whole cult phenomenon in the late 60's, but this was so loosely fleshed out that it seemed disrespectful and almost lazy to take that story and use for this novel. I also didn't even feel like the relationship between the two girls was even fully explored enough to make that the centerpiece of this book. I enjoyed the backdrop of this book and all that, what with the time period, but having such high hopes for this book, I felt like so much more could have been done with it. Cline's writing can be so poetic, it seemed like a waste for a book that seemed to skim over such big topics.