Final Girls

Final Girls - Riley Sager I could barely put this book down! I had it for about 2 weeks before I dare read it (it's not my usual read; I'm a bit of a chicken), and it was a final book on my summer reading bingo for the library. That said, I was actually looking forward to it, despite my procrastination. The cover alone drew me in.
Every time I thought I got things figured out, I was wrong, and the plot moved in another direction. Turns out even when some of the plot was how I thought it might be, there was something about it that was totally original and exciting for me. Sometimes I felt irritated by the characters' choices and that was fine; I was right to be...! The writing style was fluid and even with the jumps back to the past (they were done in a coherent manner), I enjoyed Riley's writing. I think I expected the book to be different somehow than it actually was, but nonetheless, thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to another book from her!